List Your Home For Free

DIY. Now you can list it yourself, your way.

And the best part — zero upfront fees.

Are you tired of the inflated real estate fees to list and sell your home? Do you want to avoid upfront fees to list? Would you like to sell your home yourself but with a back up plan just in case?

Listing your home yourself for free may be for you. 

Some home sellers simply do not feel they need a professional real estate agent providing full service at a full fee. That cookie-cutter program may not appeal to you either. No matter what you are looking for we have it. Operated by Portland natives with three decades of real estate experience, our family owned Portland firm has the right program for you. 

List for Free, the DIY (do-it-yourself) program, is a carefully designed system to empower you with some of the tools, products and information for you to succeed in listing, selling and closing your home by yourself. The best part with our DIY program is that you are not alone. If you find at anytime that you need one of our professional real estate agents you may contact us for a full service, reasonable fee program. 

How to get started with List for Free: 

1. Request an introductory e-mail using the contact form below

2. Complete listing forms online (no printing or faxing required) 

3. Choose from our optional services for any real estate tools you desire 

How does List for Free compare to Full Service:

If you enjoy doing things yourself then list for free might be for you. But this is more than most things — this is your home or property which may hold great value. If at anytime you need to switch programs for a full service agent, we are available to step in. We are always here if you need us.

List for Free will not provide you with a real estate agent licensee who you can call to walk you through the steps of listing your home and negotiating offers. But you may reach our Happy Client department via e-mail. You may contact us once per month for changes to your RMLS listing or to ask a question during the listing period. This is comparable to the other DIY programs by companies that, unlike Haskins Realty, charge upfront fees. No other DIY company has List for Free and we are excited to provide this service to Portland home sellers. 

New to DIY real estate? 

There are a several items in the selling process that get tricky: Setting up home buyer showings and collecting feedback, acquiring offers, understanding and negotiating offers, negotiating repairs, handling escrow and the closing process. These are just some of the bigger factors that play a part in whether your sale successfully closes or not. You may feel you need professional representation through any of those tricky steps and we are always here if you need us to step in. 

The introductory email includes a link to our Optional Service list but none of those services are required to list, sell or close your home. These are items like a lock box, sign, flyer, etc., that may assist you in your efforts to sell your home. We encourage you to utilize these services because we’ve found how helpful they are when we provide full service for our home sellers. Look it over and decide for yourself though. Payments submitted to us are secure through Paypal and we take that seriously. We personally handle these orders to ensure your services are provided to you timely and professionally. 

Now it’s your choice!

We care greatly about your real estate experience. Although our professional agent isn’t by your side when you choose List for Free, we still strive towards a professional and happy experience for home sellers. Alternatively, our full service home sellers love how we fully inform them and form a special partnership. We tell them exactly what to expect in regards to the price, their final estimated proceeds upon closing and any unknowns so they know how to plan for their future. We believe that Portland home sellers deserve an informative partner when we list their house but, also, a professional experience even when they list a house themselves. 

Now you can choose to list your way with zero upfront fees. We’ve pioneered the way for this to be possible. But, whatever you do, always choose experience. Don’t settle for anything less. Our happy clients don’t. They understand why experience matters with real people and real results. 

Use the contact form to get started. We only charge a small administration fee upon closing. Zero upfront fees. Zero hidden fees. No surprises. No strings. Guaranteed.